Estate planning is a service which anticipates and arranges the disposal of your Estate on your death. Estate planning ensures that:
  • Your heirs enjoy the benefits of your wealth building activities
  • The costs to your estate, such as taxes and other expenses, are kept to a minimum
  • The transfer of assets to your heirs is simplified
  • Complications and uncertainties which may trouble your survivors are eliminated
The process of administering a deceased estate involves reporting the death to the Master of the High Court, obtaining the Master’s appointment of the executor of the deceased’s estate and performing the necessary duties in order to distribute the assets of the estate. These duties include, but are not limited to, placing the necessary advertisements to alert debtors and creditors of the estate to the death of the deceased, drafting the liquidation and distribution account and advertising this account, on top of the necessary correspondence with the Master’s office.
Our professional team at Jooste Heswick Attorneys has the skills and experience to provide these services to you at rate that is negotiable and affordable.
We are ideally positioned to provide guidance and advice in respect of the administration of deceased estates and performing the necessary duties in order to distribute the estate.