Our firm is well known in the property industry and provide legal services in relation to the transfer of immovable property and the registration of transactions as the Deeds Office. We are well known for adding value outside of our normal obligations to any transaction. Jooste Heswick Inc. is strongly positioned to serve all your legal needs.
In addition to the processing of your transfer, our services to you include the following:
  • Perusal of your Contract of Sale prior to you accepting and signing it;
  • Ensuring that time periods in your proposed sale agreement are practically attainable;
  • The legal and practical consequences in relation to suspensive conditions;
  • Title deed searches and verification of property details;
  • Ensuring that notice is given timeously to the appropriate institutions;
  • The disclosure of defects if and where applicable;
  • Assistance with compliance in relation to Electricity, Beetle infestation, Gas and Plumbing certification;
  •  Your liability for Capital Gains Tax (if any) and the processing thereof in conjunction with your auditors;
  • Assistance to foreign buyers and sellers;
  • Repatriation of funds;
As the seller, you are disposing of your ownership rights – these rights have to be protected and it is therefore your prerogative, as the seller, to nominate the attorney and conveyancer responsible for the processing of your sale. Do not relinquish this right – ever!